Social Network In Review

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Brianna Fugate recently went to go see The Social Network, the movie that explores the moment Facebook, the revolutionary social website, was invented by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg.

Watching The Social Network, made me wonder about how much of my time is spent on the internet. It even inspired me to go home and research the history of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s life. I wanted to know if the story about his journey and his best friend and classmates suing him was true. After I did and found out it was true- I can safely say the movie was a great success!

My favorite part of the movie was when Eduardo (Mark Zuckerberg’s best friend and Facebook’s co-owner) was in his new apartment with his girlfriend, Christy. She was yelling at him for leaving his relationship status on Facebook as “single” instead of changing it to “in a relationship”. I liked that part because it showed how easily arguments and drama start on Facebook. That happens in my life all the time. In fact, the story I’m reporting on now in Radio Rookies is on this very topic- "Facebook Drama".

This movie also showed me how much Facebook has changed since it started in 2004. Visually...

Facebook 2004-2005:

Facebook 2004


Facebook 2010:

...and when it comes to who gets to use it! At first only Ivy League college students were allowed to sign up.

I just started high school, and if Facebook never changed- I'd need to wait 4 years and get into Harvard or Yale University before I could join in on the fun... and I'd hate that!!... Connecting with friends and family on Facebook is easier than pulling out a phone to call them… to me that’s time consuming... especially when I could just write on someone’s wall to see how their doing.

This movie proves how much technology has affected our lives. I highly recommend it!