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Thursday, October 28, 2010

open road in the American west

Chideya and team go to Arizona to look at immigration and jobs, and check in with new voters to see if they’re getting involved. With the passage of the state’s controversial immigration bill in April, Arizona is at the center of the nation’s immigration debate. From Phoenix to border regions of the Tohono O’odham Nation and Yuma, Chideya talks with people about their hopes, fears, and anxiety.

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Rich from Long Beach, New York

All in all this was an excellent piece, look forward to the next part.

I was vexed by the comments made by the gentleman when he was stopped by the border patrol. He said that he was stopped for racist reasons, when in fact he admitted that he ran a stop sign. The reason why he was stopped and bothered had nothing to do with him save how he drove. During his response he said, " he was white he's from England." How does this young man know where the guard is from. This knowledge was not divulged during the interview. Unless he knew for sure that the guard was from England this in fact was a biased remark.

Again excellent work, but I needed to respond to his young mans remarks.

Oct. 28 2010 09:16 PM

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