MTA Restores Some Express Bus Service

The MTA says it cut too deeply when it eliminated dozens of bus lines in June. And now, the agency wants to add more frequent bus service on nine of the lines that remained in place, because they're getting too crowded.

The MTA says ridership on nine bus routes in Queens and Staten Island has increased more than expected. The new service will add up to three new buses an hour on eight express routes from Staten Island, and on the Q15 in Queens.

Peter Cafeiro, head of the MTA's operations planning, said on Monday that the rebounding economy added to the overcrowding problem, and led to people standing on the express buses, which the agency's guidelines don't permit.

The new service will go into effect in January, and will cost $1.4 million a year. Cafeiro said the MTA will look to make up the cost by making other cuts.

The MTA is also planning to add a new route in the Bronx, but doesn't expect that to cost any extra money, because it's reducing the frequency of another bus route nearby.

In June, the MTA implemented wide ranging service cuts to save $93 million a year.