Bloomberg to Support Two-Term Limit on Election Day

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New York City's three-term mayor says he plans to cast his vote in favor of returning to a limit of two, consecutive, four-year terms.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he supports the recommendation of the City Charter Commission to return to two terms. 

"It's not the bill that I wanted," Bloomberg said. "It's not the bill that I think the commission should have passed. It's not the bill, I think, that most of the members of the commission wanted to pass. But it's better than what we have now, and I committed that we would have that referendum, and I personally am going to vote for it."

In 2008, Bloomberg persuaded the city council to extend term limits to a third term, so he could run again. He said he was needed to help the city through the financial crisis. A spokesman said Bloomberg only supported three terms for himself because the situation was extraordinary.

"When they changed term limits, I had said, it was changed legally by the city council, and that we would give the public another chance in a referendum to decide whether they want two or three," Bloomberg said. "And now they can do that."

The ballot question will ask voters whether they want to amend the city's charter to a two-year term. A "yes" vote is in favor of returning to two terms. A "no" vote means keeping the limit to three terms.