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'Free' Exhibit at the New Museum Links Art and Cyberspace

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An exhibit at The New Museum explores the growing impact of the Internet on artistic expression. “Free” opened this week with contributions from 22 contemporary artists from a range of disciplines—including sculpture, photography, collage, installation, and video.

“Many of the artists are looking critically about how online culture has changed the way we experience art,” says curator Lauren Cornell. Cornell is also the executive director of, an interactive platform affiliated with the New Museum which focuses on emerging artistic practices that engage technology  

“They look at what it’s like to have access to so much more information, what is missing and hidden in this new landscape of information, when does it get tricky to appropriate, and when is it O.K.”

According to Cornell, the work explores both the opportunities and the challenges posed by technology. “Artists are generally critical and thoughtful about these kinds of things, they don’t simply embrace them," she says. "And that comes out in the show.”

“Free” can be seen at the New Museum until January 23rd.