Federal Judge Blocks City from Hiring Firefighters

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A Brooklyn judge has ruled the city cannot hire new firefighters, unless it does so under one of his five hiring proposals. Judge Nicholas Garaufis issued proposals last month to allow the FDNY to hire recruits from an entrance exam he ruled discriminatory. The city has already rejected all of the hiring proposals.

Anjana Samant, an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, represents the Vulcan Society, the group that first filed the discrimination suit against the city. She said she's happy with the judge's decision, but disappointed with the city's response so far.

"The judge gave the city the chance, he didn't hold a hammer over the city's head and say you have to use this method," Samant said. "He gave us five options, and the city said no, we're not going to do anything."

Lawyers for the city say they plan to appeal Tuesday's decision because they believe all five of the judge's proposed solutions rely on "race-based quotas." The city is working with several groups to create a new FDNY entrance exam.