Troops' Families Speak About the War in Afghanistan

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44 American servicemembers have died in Afghanistan so far in August, tying with July as the deadliest month yet for U.S. troops in that conflict. The increase in violence has reignited debate about the U.S. role in the country. We speak to some familly members of the troops stationed there about their take on sending their loved ones off to this war. 

Mary Galeti is from Cleveland, Ohio. Her husband, Russell, is a first lieutenant with the Ohio National Guard. He is currently training with NATO forces in Hungary, but will be deployed to Afghanistan in January. Kim Clark is from Erie, Pennsylvania. Her son Daniel is a Marine in an artillery unit near Helmand Province in Afghanistan. And Larry Syverson is from Richmond, Virginia. His son Branden is a sergeant in the Army's 5th brigade, 2nd infantry, near Kandahar, Afghanistan.

"Quite honestly I think it’s the forgotten war… With Iraq there was this universal experience, at least, that everyone who was serving in some capacity had done Iraq. And with Afghanistan it’s just less talked about. There’s less connection."
— Mary Galeti, whose husband is training in Hungary right now ahead of his deployment to Afghanistan