Navajo Nation May Elect First Female President

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The Navajo reservation spreads across sandstone and sky, covering almost 30,000 miles in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.  

When Election Day comes this November 2nd, and the citizens of the Navajo Nation will file into chapter houses to vote, they'll find something historic on the ticket.  

New Mexico Senator Lynda Lovejoy is aiming for higher office. She's running for president of the Navajo Nation — and it looks like she might win. If she does, it will be the first time in the history of the Navajo Nation that a woman has run the government.

For more, we're joined by Paul Jones, a news anchor for KTNN in Window Rock (aka The Voice of the Navajo Nation), and Jennifer Denetdale, a professor of Navajo Women’s history. Both are citizens of the Navajo Nation.