Michelle Obama Campaigns in New York

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Michelle Obama is coming to the tri-state area Monday as she continues to stump for Democratic candidates. 

The First Lady will be in New York Monday night for a Broadway fundraiser hosted by actress Sarah Jessica Parker. She will also travel to Stamford, CT to raise money for state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who is in a close race for a U.S. Senate seat. President Obama has already come to Connecticut to help follow Democrat Blumenthal, who faces former wrestling executive, Linda McMahon.

Before coming to New York, Michelle Obama campaigned with her husband in Ohio to support Democrat Governor Ted Strickland. This is the first time the couple has campaigned together since the President's 2008 election. The New York Times reports these visits are part of a two week trip to campaign for Democratic support in the approaching elections.

Michelle Obama has largely stayed out of politics since moving to the White House, but her popularity ratings have remained high while the President's have fallen, making her a valuable asset on the campaign trail.