Where They Stand: The Third Party Candidates for Governor

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Clockwise from top left: Jimmy McMillan, Charles Barron, Warren Redlich, Howie Hawkins, Kristin Davis

It's A Free Country looks at the positions and priorities of the candidates for New York governor who aren't named Andrew Cuomo or Carl Paladino.

Charles Barron - Freedom Party

  • will create a work force development plan to address black and Latino youth unemployment and fight for a more equitable distribution of wealth.
  • promises to secure a fair share of the state and city contracting budget for black, Latino and women-owned businesses.
  • intends to develop a war on poverty plan that will bring capital to the most impoverished communities in this state.
  • will develop a community policing plan to address concerns with stop and frisk procedures
  • will develop a progressive taxation package and implement management efficiency cuts.
  • will develop strong regulations to close corporate loopholes so corporations contribute more to the state budget. 
  • by raising taxes on people making more than $250,000, generate $8 billion, and dedicate $3 billion of that to lowering the transit fare.
  • advocated a congestion charging scheme to generate revenues to make the “subways free.”

Kristin Davis -Anti-Prohibition Party

Howie Hawkins - Green Party

From the Howie Hawkins for Governor website:

  • against corporate subsidization.
  • supports revenue sharing with local governments.
  • would replace the two-party system through proportional representation and strengthened disclosure laws.
  • supports a living wage.
  • favors a system of single-payer, community-based healthcare.
  • against hydrofracking and nuclear energy.
  • supports free education through graduate school.
  • opposes privatization of education.
  • favors the Community Schools model.
  • would prioritize green retrofits on every residential and commercial building
  • would ban corporate-owned farms.
  • would support family farms with price supports, credit, and tax relief and create financial and technical assistance incentives to convert farms to organic.
  • would support farmer-owned processing and marketing cooperatives and consumer-owned food cooperatives.
  • proposes a moratorium on foreclosures, with the state bank refinancing loans.
  • against subsidies for private developers.
  • would invest in public housing and enforce home rule on rent control laws.
  • wants to repeal the Taylor Law against public workers' right to strike and to end the exclusion of farmworkers from the state's fair labor laws.
  • supports public school teachers' due process tenure and seniority rights.
  • against drug prohibition, advocates legalization, regulation and taxation of drugs, starting with marijuana, and access to treatment.
  • supports the right of women to access all reproductive services, including abortion.
  • supports marriage equality.
  • against NY National Guard involvement in overseas wars and would remove the predator drones from Hancock Air Base.
  • supports full funding of public defenders.
  • against the death penalty and opposes the incarceration of nonviolent offenders.
  • would move land use planning authority to elected metropolitan/regional planning boards in order to end sprawl and protect environmental resources. 
  • would create transit-linked, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods of mixed homes, shops, jobs, schools, parks, and civic buildings.
  • would refuse unfunded state mandates and create a state takeover of Medicaid costs.
  • would change the state tax structure to reduce local sales and property taxes. 
  • would support municipal charter reforms.

Jimmy McMillan - The Rent is Too Damn High Party

  • advocates a “City Care” program to roll back rents, supported by government grants, which he predicts will generate $3-6 billion in under six months, and would give landlord/tenant court judges access to a defendant’s personal information, including rental payments, phone number, and dental care, as well as information regarding the landlord’s violation record, registration status, and the rent paid by the previous renter.
  • advocates a "tenant bill of rights".
  • does not have stated positions on issues besides rent  - his website proclaims "there is nothing else to talk about."

Warren Redlich - Libertarian Party