Time to Pick the Apples

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The leaves in the city are just starting to turn color, but time is running out for apple lovers looking to pick their own fruit this season. A heat wave in the Spring brought on an early bloom, meaning that many farms now have apples in barrels as opposed to on the trees.

If that sounds anti-climactic, never fear: Peter Gregg, spokesman for the New York Apple Association says that this is a vintage year for apples.

"The quality of the fruit has just been exceptional. An abundance of sunshine throughout the summer and fall put a higher sugar content into the fruit," he says.

Irv Silverman feels lucky that he wasn't in the number of farms who suffered at the hands of mother nature. In fact, he says, the sunny weekends this season made his year. "We've had no rainy weather on any of our weekends this fall so that's made it fabulous," he says.

For would-be pickers forlorn at the prospects of not bringing home the bushels this year, picking skills can still be used on pumpkins, and cider and doughnuts never fail to deliver.