Bloomberg Defends ACS Commissioner

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A day after the city's Administration for Children's Services became the subject of a grand jury investigation, Mayor Michael  Bloomberg is expressing confidence in ACS Commissioner John Mattingly. He says it's up to the court to decide whether case workers acted appropriately in the case of four year old Marchella Pierce. But he says ACS employees do a good job in cases where it isn't clear whether children should be taken from their parents.

"Unfortunately, in the real world, there is no right answer," Bloomberg said on WOR this morning. "You have to go and make decisions and do what you think is right, and that's what ACS does, and they do as good a job, I think, in the real world, as anybody."

He also had words of praise for Mattingly. "I keep asking and asking around this country," Bloomberg said. "This guy is the be all and end all in terms of knowing how to take care of children. Does he make mistakes, and his agency make mistakes? Absolutely. You will always do it."

The agency is facing an inquiry about the death of a sickly and malnourished four-year-old girl last month. Marchella Pierce was under ACS supervision when she died on September 2. The girl's mother faces criminal charges in a separate case.