A Rare WPA-Era WNYC Poster!

A photo of a WNYC poster (partial), circa 1940. The original dimensions were around 30" x 44". This poster was originally done for the New York City WPA Art Project, we believe, by Frank Greco. Thanks to the NYC Municipal Archives.


Broadcast on WNYC today in:

1924: Colonel James Churchward (1851-1936) talks about the "New Geology." Churchward was a British-born writer. In 1926, he published The Lost Continent of Mu: Motherland of Man, in which he argued for the existence of a lost continent in the Pacific Ocean.

1944: Mayor F.H. La Guardia's weekly Talk to the People. Along with updates on rationing, the Mayor plugs a new WNYC program: "Tomorrow evening, November 20…Dr. Frank J. O'Brien's Division of Child Welfare of the Board of Education will give another play in a series of weekly broadcasts over our station. They are very, very interesting…"

1956: Conductor Eric Leinsdorf interviews choreographer Agnes De Mille on City Center Interview.  

1962: National Urban League Award Dinner honors A. Philip Randolph and Tom Watson, with speeches by Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and Whitney Young.

1970: Host Ruth Bowman talks with artist Leon Polk Smith on Views on Art.

1982: Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Elliot Carter is interviewed on Around New York.

1999: New Sounds Live, from The Arts At St. Ann's in Brooklyn Heights. A special event with Anonymous 4, performing the world premiere of Richard Einhorn's Carnival of Miracles and Steve Reich's Know What Is Above You, both commissioned by WNYC for this renowned early music vocal quartet.

2000: Arlo Guthrie talks about his 18 minutes and 20 seconds of fame (Alice's Restaurant) on The Next Big Thing.