The Evolution of the MIT Media Lab

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Schoolchildren in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, use XO Laptops.  The "One Laptop Per Child" project grew out of the MIT Media Lab.
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John is broadcasting from our partner station, WGBH, in Boston today. He's there to take part in the celebrations surrounding the 25th anniversary of the MIT Media Lab. 

Over the years a long list of new computer and digital technologies were developed there. Since then the lab has also become hugely prolific developer of medical technologies. Researchers at the lab have worked on projects as abstract as figuring out how to improve health care record keeping and as concrete as how to hybridize robotic technologies with prosthetics to improve the lives of veterans and civilians who've lost limbs.

Frank Moss, the Director of the MIT Media Lab, says he thinks in the future the way we humans interacts with computers will truly help improve our health and quality of life.