Bristol Palin PSA

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Radio Rookie Jessica Cernadas

This one time, I skipped school. When my mom found out (the school actually called...) she slapped me.  I was shocked.  It was the only time she’s ever done that, and the rest of the day was pretty awkward because she was so mad.

If I came home pregnant my mom would probably slap me again.  I know she would be there for me, but it would be hard for her.  She’d know that if she kicked me out I would be on my own, and how could I survive?

I’m not pregnant, by the way.  And I’m pretty sure that I don’t ever want a child to begin with, so hopefully I’ll never really know how my mom would react to that situation.  But, I’m thinking about all this because of this new PSA featuring Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol.

I’m pretty confused by this whole PSA.  It was just Bristol talking — talking about how lucky she is and how any other person in the same situation would be screwed.  This doesn’t work for me.  I didn’t feel anything for Bristol while watching the commercial, and I didn’t feel the sense of urgency I imagine exists when you’re alone with a baby and have no support from your family, no job, no more school, blah blah blah.  The main thing I took away from it is that Bristol Palin’s pretty much a terrible actress…oh, and she has a cute baby.

So, what kind of commercial would really “work” for me?  Show the day of an average teen mom with her kid; there doesn’t have to be any dialogue or spoken “message,” just the reality of the situation.  I’m 17 years old — the same age Bristol was when she found out she was pregnant.  I’ve never lived on my own, I don’t really know how to cook or wash my clothes, and I’ve never scheduled a doctor’s appointment or had to interview for a job that could actually pay my rent.  But these are the things most adults do.  And whether your 17 or 40 (or 70) when you have a kid, you have the responsibilities of an adult and have to shape up.

Maybe a second best to my ideal “don’t get preggers” PSA would be something like this.  Wow, this commercial reminds me how much I don’t want kids.