Work in Progress: Vampires!

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When Hawa told her mom she’d be doing a story about vampires for Radio Rookies, her mom just laughed, “You could say you’re a vampire because you’re so active at night.” Hawa's actually thought about that before.  She's 'half dead' during breakfast, and usually can't tune into classes until after lunch.  Around 6pm she's ready to start her day, and if her mom let her, Hawa would be up until 1am every night.  The whole immortality thing is pretty cool too.

Though Hawa's not really a vampire, she knows a couple of kids at school who are.  Or at least who say they are.  Ever since the Twilight book and movie series came out, vampire-popularity has taken over, and Hawa wants to know why.  She's dedicating her next 4 months as a Queens Radio Rookie to exploring all this blood lust among her peers.

6Hawa is finding she’s a natural when it comes to the technical side of radio -- editing and narrating her story have come very easily.  Her biggest challenge so far has been conducting interviews.  They kind of make her nervous…but hey, when there’s a chance her subject could bite her on the neck halfway through the conversation, who can blame her!? 

When Hawa graduates from high school this spring, she plans on attending a CUNY school and studying journalism or creative writing.