Radio Rookie Rocky Tayeh - 300 pounds later

This week Radio Rookies is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and checking in with some of the past Rookies.

As a fat child child and then a morbidly obese teenager I missed out on a lot. I watched my friends ride roller coasters, go ice skating, and dance - all while I watched on the sideline hoping one day I could do all the things skinny people can do.

Now, 300 pounds less, I am discovering a whole new world. My first skinny person task was fitting into a normal college desk, something I was waiting desperately for.

Rocky at his Bike New York riding lessonRadio Rookie Rocky reporting a story 5 years agoRocky riding a bike for the first time

About a month ago I finally got my butt on a bike, I fell off a few times, but I learned how to ride.Last week I went dancing for the first time and it felt so good. This skinny me gets invited to a whole new world, a fun world I used to dream about being a part of.

And the next time someone asks me, 'Are you a model?', I'll keep the old me a secret and scream, ''Hell yeah I'm a model!'

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