An Hour By Teenagers for Everyone

This morning WNYC Morning Edition host Soterios Johnson asked Marianne McCune, the host of "Growing Up, Getting By," why the (mostly adult) public radio audience should listen to an hour from teenagers.

This was her response:

Almost every time a Rookies story airs we get lots of love mail - people who were moved or want to help or play the stories for someone else or whatever. But we also consistently get hate mail. "Why don't you use professional reporters who we can all understand?" Or, "why do I have to sit through this annoying teenage drivel when I want to hear the real news?" Obviously, we feel these stories are important and that grown-ups across this city and metro-area should be paying attention to what goes on in young peoples' lives. And we really, really push the rookies to strike a delicate balance between staying true to themselves when they tell their stories and communicating to listeners who may know nothing about their lives or communities. We want them to sound like them, but reach across the boundaries of age or race or class and communicate to everyone. But you can't reach everyone, obviously. So we have to settle for just... a lot.