Checking In With the Current Rookies

I like to say I'm more than half way done, but really I don't know what percentage. All I know is I have a lot to work on and lately (meaning the last month and a half) I haven't done any work because I've been studying.

Irina giving her Chernobyl presentationIrina giveing her Chernobyl presentation

I decided to come back and record myself doing a presentation about Chernobyl at the American Museum of Natural History. The presentation went okay, but I'm getting really sick of carrying this equipment around with me because it's really heavy, so heavy I think it's going to rip the bag I carry it in.

This project seems overwhelming right now, it doesn't seem like 4 months, it feels like 4 years.

But Rookies has forced me to learn how to manage my time better than I used to. I've also learned more about myself, made new friends and interviewed famous doctors and people at the United Nations. So I guess it's not that bad. But it's still hard doing a story.