One Teen's Take on Texting

Last week there was an article in the New York Times about the negative impact texting is having on teenagers. This article seems to me to be an exaggeration. I don’t think texting is as serious an issue as it is made to seem here.

I used to think texting was annoying before I finally got a cell phone this spring at the age of eighteen. I remember having dinner with a friend and she’d take little breaks to answer texts from another friend. In buses and trains, the first thing most people do is take out their cell phone--then comes the clicking sounds of plastic buttons hitting plastic and the persons elbow next to me brushing my arm.

I see peers texting during class, the glow of their cell phone screens, and I get irritated . I think, “You can’t wait until after class to text your friend?” or “If you don’t want to be here then just leave.”

My twelve year old sister’s cell phone will vibrate or ring signaling the arrival of a text at 8am on a Saturday, or when I'm doing anything requiring concentration.

If aspects of a teenager’s life are being negatively affected by texting, then I do agree that parents should regulate their children’s texting. Otherwise, let kids be kids, they’re growing up and learning in the process. I doubt the texting frenzy will follow a teenager into adulthood.