Two Rookies Go Back to Junior High

At a first glance, Ditmas Junior High School (IS 62) was a safe space, something I could never say about my junior high (and yes I was a bit jealous). The security guards that greeted Kaddeem Wright and I seemed laid back and respectful (more than the ones at my old junior high) and the kids that we passed in the hallways seemed happy and at home.

Josetta on Cape CodBefore we had spoke to the 2 1/2 classes their English teacher, who makes them listen to rookies' stories as part of the curriculum, showed us a test he gave them about our radio stories. It was a little heart warming for me and put a smile on my face as I read their ideas on 'how music helps you express who you are'... too bad I couldn't keep them! (the tests not the kids!)

When we finally went inside the room, it was a bit intimidating; 2 1/2 classes in one medium sized classroom felt like aloooot of kids.

But as time progressed, their engagement and curiosity made me feel more at ease. For some strange reason, they were all shocked about my age and grade...