Recording Equipment

During my workshop in the fall of 2004, we got microphones I thought resembled giant lollipops. I was always afraid I'd stick its head near the interviewee's mouth too fast and vigorously causing a bruised lip or a chipped tooth. I'd have to plead for mercy in an emergency room amidst wailing ambulance sirens and explain that I was only trying to complete an assignment for my radio workshop. Thankfully, this never happened.

Radio Rookies has traveled a long way from mini disc recorders. Now the Rookies get equipment such as 'Skullcandy' headphones and sleek slender microphones to use for their stories.

Action of the Day:

AJ watches Kaari use Protools and comments, 'You're a pro, some day I'll be like that, a pro', and brushes invisible dust off his left shoulder.