It's Tough To Find a Story Idea

Defining a great story or angle for a topic is one of the trickiest moments in the Radio Rookies workshop.  The Rookie has to find a story idea that will capture her attention for six months, a topic that will have meaning to a greater audience.  Sometimes the perfect story idea jumps out during the first day of workshop, but usually the process takes building trust, several conversations, and reflection to find the perfect story idea.

Last week Radio Rookie Keith spent an hour with Rookies editor Marianne McCune and Producer Courtney Stein in a small, stuffy room that doubles as a clothes closet.  They questioned Keith about his interests (sports and video games), school, his family (he's very close with his mom), and neighborhood.  He told them a great deal about his life but no one left feeling like they'd hit on a perfect story idea.

A week later, we were still working with Keith to hone in on a story and an angle. That's when Radio Rookie Erikka stepped in and interviewed Keith on the mic about... well, exactly the same things Marianne and Courtney talked to him about. This time the conversation took some new turns and they wound up discussing how police treat people in the neighborhood.

Aha--I think we might have something!  Next step, Keith is going to start interviewing people in his life about their experiences with the police.