Cuomo, Paladino Spar at Columbus Day Parade

Monday, October 11, 2010

Candidates for governor: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino Candidates for governor: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino (Chris Hondros/Getty/ Azi Paybarah)

Italian-American pride provided a backdrop for the latest sparing in New York's gubernatorial race. Along the Fifth Avenue route of the Columbus Day Parade, Democrat Andrew Cuomo criticized Republican Carl Paladino for his remarks yesterday stating he doesn't want his children "brainwashed" into believing homosexuality is a viable life choice.

"I think the comments that Mr. Paladino made were reckless. I think they were divisive. They were reckles in light of all the recent violence that we've had," Cuomo said. He was referring to recent bias attacks against gays in the Bronx and Greenwich Village.

Before the kickoff of the parade, two gay Democrats -- Senator Tom Duane and City Council speaker Christine Quinn -- urged Paladino to apologize for his remarks about homosexuality. Quinn said the comments were "not only deeply offense" but also "dangerous," given the recent hate crime attacks.

Paladino, meanwhile, said he doesn't have a problem with homosexuality. "I unequivocally support gay rights. Unequivocally." Paladino said. "The one thing that I don't is marriage."

Earlier on Monday, Paladino told NBC's Today Show that children should not be taken to gay pride parades because gay men dress in skimpy bathing suits and "grind against each other." Paladino's comments were a dig against Cuomo, who has taken his children to gay pride parades. Cuomo told reporters he's not going to take parenting advice from Paladino.


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Trolls, Go back to Disneyland!

Oct. 13 2010 12:10 PM
Stacey from Yonkers

In response to Mickey Mouse; having gay pride and a gay pride parade is not about gay sex - it's about gay rights. Gayness is not encouuraged or discouraged - a person is either born gay or not gay - Men and women who are gay were once children (who were gay!) Gays come from families, have families and contribute to our moral fabric - I feel sorry for conservative fabulous gays like yourself -you believe that you do not deserve equal rights - please rethink your position.

Oct. 12 2010 09:03 AM
shadeed ahmad from New York, New York

The Dali Lama and Mother Theresa are not running for the governorship. The public makes me think it wants liers in office, then when the liers get in, the public in all its hypocrisy wants to hang them for what honesty they do reveal. You have to love misery (and money) to be a politician. After the misery and money the public may fit in somewhere. Let's be real, would you have someone first on your list of loves who is just waiting to find the slightest reason to hang you? It's just politics as usual and we get some real winners, as usual.

Oct. 12 2010 02:42 AM
Loki7329 from Los Angeles, CA

Hey MickeyMouse, Paladino has clearly states that he opposes any and all rights for gay relationships. In case you missed it: "I oppose the homosexual agenda, whether they call it marriage, civil unions or domestic partnership. Marriage is between a man and a woman - period."

How do you like him now? Way to play the sympathetic troll.

Oct. 11 2010 06:23 PM
Michael from Eureka, CA

Paladino is a tea-bagger, of course he's a racist idiot!

Oct. 11 2010 06:08 PM
MickeyMouse from Spanish Harlem

Puh-LEEZE! I'm as gay and fabulous as Elton John - but in my opinion, Carl Paladino is correct - to an extent. Civil gay marriage should definitely be legal; whether a religious institution chooses to recognize it is their prerogative. Carl is factually correct that homosexuality is not a "successful option" [ Western society already has low birth rates and homosexuality doesn't help any]. While it shouldn't be discouraged, nor should we -encourage- our children to be gay.
Carl is also correct, in my opinion, about exposing children to the raunch of a pride parade. Sure they're fun - but it is NOT an appropriate place for a child. I'm not all "think of the children!" - but seriously, we should not be sexualizing everything a child sees and does. There should be a time in their life BEFORE the underhanded desires, unwelcome advances, hormonal drama and narcissistic tendencies kick in. A pride parade has all of those things in abundance. It is smutty, profane, sexual and fabulous. Thats what makes it fun - and inappropriate for a child

Just because you disagree with Carl Paladino does -not- make him a bigot, racist, hater, or whatever else. He presents a rational, coherent argument supporting his belief - which is more than you get out of most politicians. You don't have to agree with everything he says - I sure dont - but he sure seems a lot better than Andrew Cuomo, the politician's politician!

Oct. 11 2010 05:27 PM

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