Comments Roundup for October 11th

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Mr. Paladino is campaigning for Governor and is expressing his view. This view is one of the things that the electorate will consider on election day. This country, lest we forget, was built in part on free speech. Let Mr. Paladino say what he wants to say. He is entitled to his opinion on this and every other issue. Isn't this exactly what we want to know. how the candidates feel about the issues of the day? Doesn't this help us to decide which candidate is worthy of our vote and which one is not? Why do we cherish the right of free speech and then demonize someone when he exercises his right to speak freely?

-- John from Westchester on Republican candidate Carl Paladino's stance on gay marriage. »» Join the conversation

I initially felt the media was really ganging up on this guy a little unfairly until I read this! This comment is especially hard to digest, given the string of gay teenage suicides surfacing in the news over the past few weeks. This guy is a loose cannon and a gay pride parade is no more disgusting than grown adults binge drinking and causing mayhem on the streets of new york during St. Patrick's day parade. At least drag queens are entertaining.

-- Dan from NY. »» Join the conversation

I agree with Bob's comments that this is not a NJ issue. I think Federal DOT should have had the lead on this project all along. In addition, New York City Metro region needs a comprehensive transportation overhaul. Commuter trains should not terminate at Penn Station, they should run through. This will expand track capacity and make it possible for NJ riders to easily access Long Island and vice versa. Three commuter rails are not efficient. Using some of those redundancies would also free up rail yard capacity.

-- Martin from Brooklyn on Bob Hennelly's post, Stucknation: Tunneling Through Muck and Mire »» Join the conversation

I really like the idea of referendums; however, I am also skeptical of the idea because of how the system appears not to work in California... Obviously, with referendums, you need to have a well informed public; not to mention, the ballot measures need to have a well written, well explained, non-partisan write-ups... This way even if someone is not well versed on a subject, they can still make an informed vote.

-- Norton from Nutely, NJ on Reshma Saujani's post, Having Your Governmental Cake And Eating It Too»» Join the conversation