Arrests Made in Alleged Hate-Crime

Seven alleged members of a street gang in the Bronx are under arrest and face charges for beating and torturing one of their recruits, a 17-year-old, for being gay.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the seven also assaulted two other people -- a 30-year-old man and another 17-year-old boy. The alleged perpetrators are in a gang called the "Latin King Goonies." They're facing charges of sodomy, menacing and assault as a hate crime, as well as robbery.

Police say the assailants scrubbed the crime scene from top to bottom with bleach -- even repainting the place to make it look new.

"They could clean, but they couldn't hide," Kelly said.

Police are still looking for two other suspects, who remain at large. Council Speaker Christine Quinn has called the attacks "horrifying" and among the worst hate crimes she's ever heard about in the city's history.

A rally against anti-gay crimes is being organized for this weekend, following other bias attacks last week.