#3125: Unconventional Piano Works

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On this New Sounds, hear some unconventional piano works, including some amplified piano in a work by Charles Ives, “Serenity” as played by Jenny Q Chai from a collection of works, “New York Love Songs.”  Also from that same record, a work by Taiwanese composer Ashley Wang, involving digital piano.  Plus, from a new recording, listen to Lou Harrison’s Concerto for Piano and Javanese Gamelan.  The piano has been retuned to “play nicely” with the gamelan tunings in this world premiere recording featuring Gamelan Pacifica and pianist Adrienne Varner.  That and more.

PROGRAM #3125, Unconventional Piano Music   (First aired on 10/8/2010)





Lou Harrison

Scenes from Cavafy

Concerto for Piano and Javanese Gamelan : Untitled, excerpt [1:30]

New World 80710

Jenny Q Chai

New York Love Songs

Ives: Serenity [2:59]
Ashley Fu-Tsun Wang: Intimate Rejection [7:04]

ArpaViva 003

Gamelan Pacifica, cond. By Jarrad Powell
Adrienne Varner, piano

Scenes from Cavafy

Lou Harrison : Concerto for Piano and Javanese Gamelan : Untitled [8:53]
Belle's Bull [5:35]

New World 80710

Stephen Scott

Minerva’s Web / The Tears of Niobe

The Tears of Niobe, edit [23:00]

New Albion Records NA026