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Architect Diana Balmori on Art and Reading in Latin

What does an architectural visionary keep on her bookshelf? Mainly books about arts and plants.

A new episode in a series that delves into the personal book collections of authors features landscape architect Diana Balmori. Her designs for green rooftops have earned Balmori a reputation as a visionary whose ideas about undamming rivers and incorporating waterways into cities are being taken very seriously in the field of sustainable development.

One of her main philosophies implores us to "Return landscape into being an art," and she aims to create more spaces that bridge the gap between cities and nature. Her office (of course) overlooks Manhattan's High Line Park.

Her well organized library includes Virginia Woolf and books written in Latin, as well as the conventional botanical texts about gardening and landscaping. Next week, she'll be adding her own book to the collection. “A Landscape Manifesto” is part call to action and part meditation on how we live now.