New Yorkers Migrating to Philly in Droves? Um, not Exactly.

Researchers have been studying whether New Yorkers have been fleeing the Big Apple for Philadelphia in search of a cheaper, more accessible urban dream.




"Was there anything at all to this so called 6th borough phenomenon that we heard about in the middle of the past decade...? What we found when we looked at the data was yes-- at least there was a little something to it."

That's researcher Larry Eichel, of the Pew Charitable Trusts' Philadelphia Research Initiative, who based his study on data compiled by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS tracks from year to year address changes by individuals who file tax returns.

Eichel says the exodus from the five boroughs to Philadelphia doubled between 1993 and 2008.

3,100 New Yorkers packed up for the city of Brotherly Love at the height of the not-so-great migration in 2008.

But they crossed paths with a good many Philadelphians heading north. So, Philly's population only saw a net gain of 212 residents from this area, during that year.