If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Say it About Sarah Palin

Meghan McCain is not the first person to become famous because of her name. Paris Hilton isn't exactly a fair comparison, blond and vacant though they both may be. At least Paris became famous in her own way, through sex tapes and reality shows, and not by becoming a faux expert on hotels, writing a nonsensical book about that time in the boardroom where like, omg, someone said something mean to her and she like, totally flipped out. 

Meghan McCain isn't even the first child of a politician to make a name for herself in politics by trying to be edgy and acting out. Reagan's kids did it better, parlaying their disagreements with dad into real careers for the opposite political side. What Meghan McCain is doing — calling herself a Republican while bashing every Republican other than her father — that's, as they say in Britain, just not on.

Her latest piece, where it dawns on her that maybe people only care about her book because of her proximity to conservative celebrity Sarah Palin, is more of this same bashing. She writes:

The further I got into my book tour last month, the more paranoia set in as I started questioning the idea that the only thing that made me interesting to some people was my association with Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin, not my father John McCain.

I haven't read Meghan's book, but if she's honest about what happened during the 2008 election it went something like this: The Democrats had a super exciting, no-holds-barred primary in which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fought hard for their party's nomination, going further in the primary process than many of us thought possible, all with the knowledge that it would be a historic triumph, regardless of which one won. First woman presidential candidate! First black presidential candidate! The excitement was palpable. 

Meanwhile, the Republicans had a ho-hum primary of white men (not that there's anything wrong with that) where some candidates barely competed (I'm looking at you Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani) and John McCain became the nominee almost by default. His candidacy was boring, sluggish, uninteresting, and had one foot in the grave — until that Labor Day weekend when he chose a firecracker from Alaska whose name few could pronounce (Pah-lin? Pay-lin?). It gave his campaign the jolt, gimmicky though it might have been, that it needed. How does Meghan McCain not understand this? Don't listen to that one Republican you know who voted Obama because of her selection — Sarah Palin made John McCain's campaign. That's why she's relevant on the national stage today and his career ends in Arizona.

Meghan writes that Sarah Palin doesn't leave room for other types of women to be candidates, and the women who are running are all Sarah-bots. Nasty, right? As if Sarah Palin is demanding red suits and big hair from candidates. As if she insists the candidate hunts moose before she endorses them. Meghan goes on to misuse the word irony and say that Sarah Palin made it known to a "third-party" (Levi Johnston, is that you?) that she didn't appreciate Meg's book.  Somehow, this proves that Sarah Palin is as obsessed with the media as they are with her.  No one ever accused Meghan McCain of being coherent, but it's funny that just when she was finally, finally slipping off the media radar, with her one-dimensional opinions and her embarrassing "I have a tattoo, that's why old fogey Republicans don't like me" banter, she decided to write something critical of...Sarah Palin and the media's obsession with her. And suddenly Meghan McCain is half-relevant again, linked everywhere, sought for comment about what she really thinks of her father's '08 running mate. 

Now that, Meghan, is irony.


Born in the Soviet Union, raised in Brooklyn, Karol Markowicz is a public relations consultant in NYC and a veteran of Republican campaigns in four states. She blogs about politics at http://www.alarmingnews.com and about life in the city with her husband and baby at http://www.212baby.comShe can be followed on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/karolnyc