Residents Hopeful That Pair of Anti-Gay Attacks Not a Pattern

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Residents and police say that despite two recent attacks on gay men in Manhattan, anti-gay violence doesn't appear to be part of a larger trend.

People in the West Village say that overall the neighborhood feels pretty safe -- especially compared to the '90s and earlier.

But others in the area say they are being more cautious.

"I think there should be more police presence moving the people," says Maurice Cuprill, who provides security for the Hanger Bar, on Christopher Street. "Why are you hanging out in the street? What are you doing on the corner? What are you doing in front of the pizza place, if you're not eating pizza?"

A spokesman for the local precinct says the NYPD actually has a special unit that patrols the area from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., especially on weekends.

Three men have been charged in connection with the pair of bias attacks, including one that took place at the Stonewall Inn, the iconic bar that's considered a national landmark in the gay rights movement.

Five suspects still remain at large, according to the NYPD.