Supreme Court Declines to Hear 9/11 Family Members' Case

The Supreme Court has declined to take up a case brought by 9/11 family members. The families have been trying for years to get New York City to provide a proper burial for material taken from the World Trade Center site. Their argument is that the material could contain the ashes of victims, and they've long argued the city didn't make enough of an effort to separate the smallest human remains from other debris.

Mayor Bloomberg says he understands the emotions of the family members, but thinks the city did everything it could to locate and honor the deceased.

"But in a practical sense you could not have done any more," he said. "I remember going over a number of times to watch the process, and people really took as much care as you possibly could."

Lower federal courts had dismissed the families' lawsuit against the City, saying it had acted responsibly in moving 1.6 million tons of materials from the site to a landfill on Staten Island.