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Stuck indeed, between several rocks and any number of hard places: more borrowing, the unpopular gas tax, the Tranportation mis-Trust Fund, lots of jobs, high unemployment, federal funding, the Assembly, the Senate, and the governor.

-- Peter from Madison, NJ on the problems New Jersey faces »» Join the conversation

America is a nation of immigrants. I wish we could throw the doors open and say "Give us you poor, your hungry, your huddled masses longing to breath free" the way we did in the Nineteenth Century. However, times change and I'm fearful that we can no longer afford to say "come one, come all". California is believed to have the largest undocumented immigrant population (2.2 million) and it has the worst fiscal crisis of any state. Is this a coincidence? I honestly don't know but suspect that the two issues are connected. 

I hope we can come up with a sensible, just and compassionate immigration policy that lives up to the ideals upon which our nation was founded. In the long term, I hope we can get our finances in order and return to being the robust economy that can welcome an influx of foreign workers in a sensible and dignified way.

-- Peter from the UWS on immigration policy »» Join the conversation

No benefits/services for illegals PERIOD! Our tax money should only be spent on US Citizens! I'm tired of our public schools, parks, social services, all tax funded services in NYS being spent on illegal aliens! I'm a hard working, tax paying NYC resident (born and raised) and had to pay for my daughter being born and a young lady down the block had 2 babies, payed in full with our tax dollars!!!!!!!

-- Pete from the Bronx on immigration »» Join the conversation

Here's the thing...It's not just about voting, it's about understanding the system of government. To stand against Obama without understanding the power of the House and Senate and how they are blocking a lot of his initiatives is embarrassing.

-- Rose answering our question "Why Do You Vote?" »» Join the conversation

Besides the obvious obligation to share my superior choices with my fellow citizens, I vote so that I can complain about what is going on in the various pockets of political insanity. Those who can but don't vote should not complain.

-- Kristin from New Jersey »» Join the conversation

IMHO earmarks are useful but abuseable and the issue is not whether to get rid of them but how to limit the abuse without undermining the utility. first challenge is reaching agreement about what constitutes abuse.

-- eric on whether earmarks are good for Democracy »» Join the conversation