NJ Lawmakers Reach a Deal on State-Backed Road Projects

New Jersey legislators approved a $1.7 billion bond deal on Monday that should send thousands of construction workers back to their jobs. Governor Christie had suspended road and transit projects across the state this morning because the Democratic-controlled legislature refused to approve the refinancing. But two Democrats on the Joint Budget Oversight Committee broke ranks and voted in favor of the borrowing.

Assemblywoman Nellie Pou, a Democrat from Paterson, voted yes. "I'm not happy the way things are working out, and I'm not happy with how we got to this situation," she said. "But yes, my vote is 'yes' for the purpose of making sure that the right thing is done today and getting those jobs back in order."

Another Democratic Assemblymember, Louis Greenwald, voted against the measure, saying the state needed to fix the nearly bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund before it borrowed more money.