#2846: New Music for Kora

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The ancient harp/lute of the griots (the traditional storyteller/historian/musicians) of West Africa is now a thoroughly contemporary and global instrument, used by rockers like Björk, in film scores, and elsewhere. 

We’ll hear from Mamadou Diabate, from his own solo record and his collaborations with Irish singer Susan McKeown and jazz bassist/composer Ben Allison; Foday Musa Suso with Philip Glass; the Seckou Keita Quartet; and Toumani Diabate, among others.

PROGRAM #2846, new music for Kora (First aired on Wed, 9-17-08)





Foday Musa Suso

The Two Worlds

Maliba, excerpt [1:30]

Orange Mountain #0053** www.orangemountainmusic.com *

Philip Glass & Foday Musa Suso

Music From The Screens

Warda’s Whorehouse [2:30]
The French Lieutenant Dreams [2:00]
Said And His Shadow Dance [3:00]
Land of the Dead [3:30]

Point #432 966, out of print, but see www.philipglass.com

Seckou Keita SKQ

The Silimbo Passage

Mande Arab [6:00]

World Adventures #2008. www.seckoukeita.com *

Susan McKeown


Lord Baker [9:00]

Green Linnet #1205** www.greenlinnet.com *

Mamadou Diabate

Douga Mansa

Diyabarana [5:00]

World Village #468082** www.worldvillagemusic.com *

Ben Allison

Peace Pipe

Slap Happy [8:00]

Palmetto #2086 www.palmetto-records.com *

Ketama, Toumani Diabate, Jose Soto

Songhai 2

Niani [4:00]

Hannibal #1383 www.rykodisc.com *

Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra

Boulevard de l'Independance

Tapha Niang, excerpt [1:30]

Nonesuch #79953
www.nonesuch.com *