Your Voting Stories

Voting booths

The deadline to register to vote in NY, NJ, and CT is coming up, and we here at It's A Free Country are thinking about what it takes to tip someone from a citizen to a voter. We want your stories: why are you a voter? What gets you to the polls? Is it continued Obama energy from 2008, or the rise of the Tea Party in 2010? Are you a new citizen, did you just turn 18? Let us know and post your ode to voting below!

David from Nyack, New York says he voted for the first time in 2008, but is disillusioned with the pace of change.

I actually do vote, I voted for the first time in the 2008 presidential election. I missed voting against Bush the second time by a month. I do vote, but it almost seems like it's for ceremony at this point. I vote to excercise my right as an American, but in anything in the presidential race it doesn't seem like it's very well observed.

Mario from Ocean Township, NJ says he will vote in 2010, even though he is frustrated with the pace of implementation of Obama's agenda.

The reason that I voted for the Democrats in 2008 it was because of the change they were promising us. And I think I will continue to vote, I will vote Democrat in November 4.

Beryl from Brooklyn just became a citizen. She'll be voting for the first time next month.

"Yes, I'm very excited to vote. I'm anxious," she says, laughing heartily. "Yes, I want to vote."

Kristin from suburban New Jersey says she votes, in part, for the right to complain.

Besides the obvious obligation to share my superior choices with my fellow citizens, I vote so that I can complain about what is going on in the various pockets of political insanity. Those who can but don't vote should not complain.