Watch Out for Loose Branches in the Next Storm

City officials are urging New Yorkers to exercise caution during tonight's storm -- with two to four inches of rain expected and winds that could gust up to 60 miles per hour.

Conditions are more precarious than usual as a result of the tornados that hit Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of Staten Island two weeks ago.  Many trees have damaged limbs that could easily come down.  Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe says even healthy trees with a lot of leaves can be dangerous:

"Each leaf acts like a small sail and that catches the wind and that creates the tension and if the roots aren’t deep enough the tree will just come over."

Winds are currently gusting up to 35 miles per hour at LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports in Queens.

The Office of Emergency Management says calls have already come in today regarding downed limbs and branches.

OEM Commissioner Joseph Bruno recommends staying indoors for the coming storm -- but nothing more serious.

"We don't see that this would be an evacuation scenario, there will be localized flooding that should not be evacuation necessary. We have sent out a "Notify" to those particular areas."

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently announced that New York will receive federal funds to help with the costly cleanup from the last storm. The city surpassed the 24.5 million dollar threshold to qualify for assistance.