Newark Mayor Booker Says More Layoffs and Tax Hikes Coming

Newark Mayor Cory Booker says a report by a City Council task force that says the city is spending beyond its means is telling him what he already knows. Booker is accusing the police union of being selfish, saying that its leaders refuse to negotiate with his administration, while other unions are making sacrifices.

"To have the police department be the only union that says, 'nope, sorry, everybody else in Newark has to sacrifice, and not us.' But if the unions don't come to the table and give us any kind of concessions, we are going to have to lay off police officers," he says.

Leaders of the Fraternal Order of Police are refusing to comment.

The task force is recommending tax hikes of as much as 40 percent, and two thousand layoffs. Booker says those proposals would "burn down the village in order to save it." He is urging the council to adopt his proposed budget, saying it would spread the pain over two years.