Voter Guide: New York Attorney General Race

Eric Schneiderman (D) vs. Dan Donovan (R)

The race to become New York's next Attorney General is a contest between Democrat Eric Schneiderman, a current State Senator, and Republican Dan Donovan, current Staten Island District Attorney 

Eric Schneiderman (D)

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Fast Facts:

  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Graduated from Amherst College with a BA in English and Asian Studies; graduated with honors from Harvard Law School
  • Elected to the State Senate in 1998 to represent the 31st District, which includes the Upper West Side and parts of the Bronx
  • Served as Deputy Sheriff in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, for two years just after graduating from college
  • While in the Senate, he helped to reform the Rockefeller Drug Laws to provide drug treatment centers as an alternative to prison in cases where non-violent drug addicts are defendants
  • Served as lead counsel to the public transit watchdog Straphangers Campaign in 2001 and 2003
  • Serves as the national co-chair of Legislators Against Illegal Guns
  • Endorsed by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo 


  • Pledges that his top priority would be to restore the public's trust in state government
  • Wants to build regional environmental alliances to help protect New York's environment
  • Vows to fight illegal guns and gangs, and wants to create interstate and multi-state approaches to taking on illegal guns
  • Vows to be a vocal advocate for abortion rights
  • Wants to undertake industry-wide investigations to stop economic corruption
  • Promises to fight for marriage equality

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Dan Donovan (R)

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Fast Facts

  • BA in Criminal Justice from St. John's University
  • JD with honors from Fordham University School of Law
  • Worked as prosecutor for eight years under the Manhattan DA
  • Served as Chief of staff for Staten Island Borough President Guy V. Molinari from 1996 to 2002
  • Appointed Deputy Staten Island Borough President in 2002
  • Elected Richmond County DA in 2003, becoming the first Republican to do so in New York City in over 50 years
  • Elected President of the New York State District Attorney's Association in 2008


  • Believes the Attorney General should have original jurisdiction over all cases of political corruption; investigating legislators for conflicts of interest will be a priority
  • Favors trying accused terrorists in military tribunals far from New York City, rather than in civilian courts
  • Believes federal government, not the states, should be responsible for immigration reform laws
  • Advocates "civil confinement" to keep sex offenders in mental institutions for an indefinite period of time beyond their statutory sentences, until they are deemed fit for release
  • Supports improved use of technology in enforcing orders of protection for domestic violence cases
  • Vows to crack down on Medicaid, financial, and mortgage fraud

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