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The Tea Party to me appears to be a successful re-branding of the Libertarian party. It's an expanded libertarian party that now includes social conservatives, conspiracy theorists and gun nut militia types. The Tea Party is good for America because they are pushing forward the debates that need to happen on whether we truly want to eliminate the social safety net or fully fund it, whether we want the Govt to invest in infrastructure and industry (ex. alternative energy) or leave it the to the private sector, and whether Federal regulation on business protects us or hurts us. I think it forces the left to educate the country that Fed regulation and investments benefit the country and it forces the right and left to deal with our underfunded government.

-- Marcus from Greenpoint on whether the Tea Party is good for America. »» Join the conversation

It depends what you mean. Is the Tea Party as a movement pushing the country in a positive direction? No. Is the Tea Party winning elections good? Yes. The quicker we put them under serious scrutiny and put them in positions of power the sooner it will be revealed that they have no coherent platform and no idea how to actually run a government.

-- Terrence from Staten Island »» Join the conversation

What is this "likely" voter stuff ? Are you taking the subject's word for whether s/he will vote? Have you ever studied how true this is? How would you? Sounds like the loudest people have the biggest effect. Polls affect behavior - - sometimes people don't vote for the candidate they favor if they believe the candidate has no chance.
People, remember the only poll that really matters is the one on election day!

-- Henry from Katonah on a conversation with three pollsters about how they could have arrived at such different results in recent NY Governor race polls »» Join the conversation

I think the stimulus (TARP) was just about right in size and scope. Even Keynes argued in his theory that government intervention was only meant to be short term in duration, to "prime the pump" and not a long term solution. It was to be a quick shock absorber meant to keep a crash from becoming fatal, like inflatable crash bags kick in during an automobile to save your life from the full impact.

-- Jgarbuz on whether the Obama stimulus had its intended effect »» Join the conversation

Obama and his party oversold the stimulus and practically nothing the government could do would have more significantly improved the economy by now. The right is manufacturing and manipulating discontent to continue the policies which helped get us into this mess in the first place.

-- Ron on the legacy of the stimulus »» Join the conversation