Was the Stimulus Good For America?

Did the injection of $787 billion stimulate the American economy?

Dan Gross, columnist and economic editor at Yahoo Finance, and Stephen Moore, senior economics writer for the Wall Street Journal and author of The End of Prosperity duke it out on The Brian Lehrer Show.

"The long term effect of all this spending and borrowing is negative for our economy. That is, the long term effect makes our economy weaker in the long term, not stronger, and that's the real tragedy."

-Stephen Moore on The Brian Lehrer Show, September 29.

"When you build a bridge, when you build a canal, when you build a railroad, when you build the Hoover Dam in the 30s, when you look at all the infrastructure that was done, when you build an airport, that tends to pay dividends for years and decades to come in ways that people can't imagine."

-Dan Gross on The Brian Lehrer Show, September 29.

You can see what projects the stimulus funded in your community here.