Today's Comments Roundup

Lot's of interesting comments, on-air and online, today at It's A Free Country. Check out some highlights, then visit the comments page for each conversation to see more and add your voice.

It may not even be a matter of forwarding alone -- I've forwarded messages I find offensive with my own message attached: "Can you believe this?" "This is horrifying!" "What the hell?" etc. etc. It's the WAY that he forwards it that tells us whether he finds pleasure or pain in demeaning other people.

-Lauren from Brooklyn on Carl Paladino's email habits. [Join the Conversation]

While I can understand people questioning Paladino's character, it ceases to amaze me how they can often wear blinders. While you are at it take a look at the two sex discrimination lawsuits that AG Cuomo "acquired" during his tenure at HUD. Or can we please get an answer as to where the $26 million in his coffers came from? Seems to me he has already been bought.

-BigMax on the judging Paladino's character [Join the Conversation]

Given that both established parties will fight to keep themselves in power, it sounds like Mr. Lazio is suggesting that we (the voters) abandon the two party system in New York. Is that what he is suggesting?

-Don from Long Island in response to Rick Lazio, former candidate for Governor who called into the Brian Lehrer Show [Join the Conversation]

Newt doesn't know as much about history as he thinks he does. In that clip, he also said that tax cuts we're the key to economic growth and deficit reduction in the '90s. If I remember correctly, the Clinton Admin reluctantly raised taxes early in his term to reduce the deficit. That move has been widely credited by most economists as what helped create surplusses and economic boom of the 90s.

- BeninBrooklyn on the back-and-forth between Paul Krugman and Newt Gingrich on economic policy [Join the Conversation]

OMG, why can;t Krugman talk about actually making the government efficient rather than soaking people for more money allowing it to continue to grow out of control. BTW, in the 90's economy we did not compete against China or have 2 wars, the situation is completely different. I am amazed that people win Nobel prizes based on their politics these days.

-Kendra from Brooklyn on Krugman's economic outlook [Join the Conversation]