Krugman Responds to Newt's Jab

"Look, Krugman is an extraordinary left-wing intellectual who has no concept of how the market works. The fact is, the way we balanced budgets in the 1990s was, we cut taxes and increased economic growth."

-Newt Gingrich on The Brian Lehrer Show, September 24.

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"He's confirming what I've been saying in my columns. Republicans have shifted from the war on terror to the war on arithmetic. Your numbers just do not add up. He talks about the 90s as this great period - in the 1990s Bill Clinton raised taxes."

- Paul Krugman on The Brian Lehrer Show, September 28th.

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What do you think? At a time when the tax debate is raging, what do you think about the intersection of economic research and politics? Who do you trust?