Barron Drums Up Support For New Freedom Party

On Monday, the same day Attorney General Cuomo made an outreach effort up in Harlem, City Council member Charles Barron launched a voter registration drive to help with his bid for Governor on the newly created Freedom Party ballot line.

Barron also layed out a proposal to provide free mass transit by imposing a form of congestion pricing and higher taxes on the state's wealthiest households.

Barron supporters filed 43,000 signatures to meet the 15,000 signatures required to win a ballot line in this November's election. If Barron's line receives at least 50,000 votes on election day, the new Freedom Party will retain its own ballot line -- like the state's Working Families and the Conservative parties -- in subsequent elections.

Barron said that on policies like reducing the size of government and taxation policy Cuomo and Paladino are actually sounding similar themes.