Immigration and the Governor's Race

Monday, September 27, 2010

Candidates for governor: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino Candidates for governor: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino (Chris Hondros/Getty/ Azi Paybarah)

In the race for New York Governor, we've heard Republican Carl Paladino calling his Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo part of Albany's dysfunction, and Cuomo framing Paladino as a one-dimensional candidate running on anger alone. But behind the bickering looms an issue that has the potential to define this year's race -- immigration.

Cuomo spoke about the issue at the state Democratic convention in May. “We are New York. We are the laboratory for the American experiment of democracy. The Statue of Liberty stands in our harbor," he said. "We are the welcome mat for the nation. We are founded on the premise that we can say to the people all across this globe: Come here, we invite you.”

And Paladino spoke about immigration to El Diario reporter Catalina Jaramillo after a breakfast meeting with Hispanic ministers in August. "We’re not going to allow undocumented aliens, okay, or illegal immigrants to take part in our social welfare and our Medicaid systems in the State of New York," he said. "Our taxpayers didn’t buy into that."

Jaramillo, who comes to us from Feet in 2 Worlds -- a project that brings the work of immigrant journalists to public radio -- sat down with WNYC political reporter Bob Hennelly to talk about the potentially combustible mix of immigration and politics.

Do you think from your reporting that Paladino's approach to the undocumented will cost him votes in the broader immigrant community?

Yes, even though undocumented immigrants obviously don't vote. But the Hispanic population that votes, they have made it very clear in our polls that the first issue they care about is immigration reform. So, Paladino talking about not having immigration reform, it's going to effect him, in a large way.

What about Cuomo? Have you heard anything proactive in terms of his position on how he would approach the challenge of dealing with the undocumented?

Not in his campaign. As an attorney general, he has been very active protecting immigrant communities. He's always been talking in favor of immigration reform, but in the campaign, I've tried to contact his campaign, and get his take on these issues, and I haven't gotten any response.

What role can the governor play when it comes to something like immigration? Because it is a federal matter.   

The governor has a lot of things that he could do for immigrants. And one of the issues that is really big now is the secure communities program, where if the police arrest you, they take your fingerprints and those fingerprints are shared with homeland security. Secure communities have been approved in a lot of states. Here it hasn't been implemented yet, but they're talking about it. And the governor has the power of putting a veto on it. He can stop that from happening.

I went to Flushing, to a local Chinese-American business council. I'm wondering, in some place like Queens, which is all about the immigrants really redefining the politics there, does it make it almost impossible for Republicans to build their party, when on top of their ticket they have someone like Carl Paladino who seems to be very much against the undocumented?

I think it's very difficult for Republicans to build something in Queens. Hispanics are pretty conservative, a lot of them, so they agree with Republicans on some issues like gay marriage, or abortion. And if Republicans had the idea of supporting immigration reform, they would have a lot of votes.

So, on the social issues that are core to many of the principles of community leadership in the Latino community, the Republicans have potential, and yet, the degree to which they look like they're anti-undocumented immigrants, they lose that potential.

Yes. This was exactly what happened in the Paladino meeting with the ministers. Also the Democrats are not very happy. I mean, Obama promised an immigration reform in the first year and nothing has happened.  

Now we've talked about the rise of the Tea Party and the Conservatives. Is there kind of a dissipation of that energy in the immigrat community? Do you think there's a disillusionment that could hurt Cuomo?

Yes, totally. The polls and the studies are saying that if nothing happened with immigration reform, which it looks like nothing is going to happen until November, 30 percent of the voters are going to stay at home.

That could be fatal for a Democrat.  

They have to be more active on the issue.


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chae s. sone from yahoo google

Dear 최영란 전도사, 최한성 전도사,신경숙 친교부장and others; 2011-08-17

Please review the timely message and share with other members
for the graceful retreat.

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특별이관심을 끄는일은 "간증 이나 묵상" 의순서입니다 개인의미음의
소감을 양심에서 소사 나는대로 말하는시간인줄압니다 우리교회에서는오래동안 업든 free speech 의 순간인것갔읍니다

이 런 open testimony 시간은 우리교회와우리신앙문제를 회고할 기회라고생각합니다 과거에도교회문제를이르킨때가있었으나
"왜 또는 Why?" 하고질문하는 "지능" 이업는실정이 우리교회의 근본 문제인걷 갇씁니다

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그들은 흠친교회돈을재판과변호사비용으로썻읍니다 개인들이 교회돈을흠처가기도 했읍니다 이런 인간들이 받는성찬식도있으니 예수님도 정신을 차르시기 어렵답니다 이모든 죄와 교회문제를
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Our church members worry about that plastic garbage’s or empty cans could destroy the earth. Rammer the Roman empires or Egyptian kingdoms were not destroyed by any garbage’s but moral decays or dominant dummies. Our church was ruined by the wise guys and dummies but plastic garbage. We must clean up the fake Christian garbage first.

Recently, on August 2, 2011, Elder Dr. Chung Shick Kim called me, “Why did you not show up in the church on the Sunday?" I appreciate his call. He and Elder Young Bin Choo old time members and are responsibly involved in the creation of "the church stink bomb", Of course, Rev. Chul Woo Chang, as the senior pastor, is very responsible for all the scandals.

I questioned Dr. Kim, "How Rev. Chang can preach lies on the Sunday pulpits and perform Sacraments in the midst of the scandals?
지금그러치않은목사가사 가 어데있는가? It was his disconnected reply. "As an elder you should correct such situations." was my response.

According to his understanding, sadly, ominously, there seems to be no hope for the spiritual recovery of this historic Korean Methodist Church from the smelly scandals.

역사적 우리한인교회장노의 말씀이 이러고보니 한국에서는 기독교를 "개독교" 라고한다는 이유도 알수있지요 참슲은 일입니다 예수님 이저버린 목사들은 안창호 나 서재필 선생을 팔고있는형편입니다

지금우리어린애들은 어느 Sunday School 를가야 하나요?

Jesus said, "Leave them alone; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into Korean garbage' dump" Matthew 15:14

신경숙 친교부장 최영란 전도사 최한성 전도사 는 새로운 꿈을보는
교회가되여우리교회를 "구출" 하는수양회가되길 기도합니다
Please consult Rev. Young Jin Cho for his faithful advices for our church rescue.


Chae S. Sone

P.S. Please understand it is a faith related email.

Aug. 20 2011 10:16 AM
timmy from bronx

I disagree with Carl Paladino, alot of immigrants pay taxes and medcaid and I have the proof I can give to Paladino

Oct. 09 2010 12:08 PM
chae s sone

Tea party demo motto

Dear Mr. Cuomo:

Please clean up $scandals!! Of 뉴욕한인교회

뉴욕한인교회KUMC [Korean united Methodist Church and Institute, near Columbia Univ.
Attorney Gen. Cuomo
Bishop Jeremiah J. Park Clean up $scandals
Rev. Won Tae Cha 차원태
Rev. Chul Woo Chang 장철우

while observing the social trends of social actions, I noticed there is spot for the pertinent issues, I jointed a Tea party demonstration to awaken the general public, espcially Korean immigrant church, to examine the moral status of the church administration if it is on the Biblical track. They must keep their moral course on the right track according to the American established social norms.

In the course of the looting, Rev. Won
Tae Cha, former NY Theological Seminary moonlighting professor, led CUNY prof. fake M.D., Young [So] Kim, Fake Columbia CPA Steven H. Park, MIT trained Sei Chun ganged up in the looting. Eventually they falsely charged me and my son as attempted mass murderers and placed on the trial under a full jury at NYS Supreme Court, Nassau County with support of their politically powerful attorney Morton Povman. The defendants did not have a defense attorney. According to the judge F. Dana Winslow, someone from the episcopacy deceived the judge that the mass murder charges were church related. the bishop Park and other leaders should be able to tell who deceived the judge, For the lawsuits were by the individual church embezzlers to cover up their sins.
Nearly a quarter century old, off track morality in the Korean United Methodist Church and Institute shold be a social concern in the Unfired States. Authorities should impose the Rev. Chul Soo
Chang blocked audit of the church finance from 2000.

Mr. Cuomo help them clean up $ scandals.
Chae S. Sone, Ph. D. and the family

Sep. 30 2010 04:30 PM
j. pike from NYC

The excuses for Pallidino's behavior are Inexcusable themselves! Have we literally lost our minds when we can disregard his obvious lack of judgment and questionable character ? When I am sent an email that is offensive to me, the LAST action I will take is to Forward it! My "CHARACTER' - will not allow me to propagate the seeds of ignorance, bigotry, sexism, or racism. Let's not forget Pallidino's actions are consistent with the enjoyment he takes in these correspondences. Actions reflect the true character of a person. Shall we reward Pallidino’s disgraceful antics with the highest office in NY State? Let us not forget that Hitler also spoke his mind without regard for others! Shame on us if we willingly and knowingly put this low life in office!

Sep. 28 2010 12:03 PM

I do not understand how people can defend Paladino. I agree with the comment saying you have to consider yourself racist if you do not find any problem with these disgusting emails

Sep. 28 2010 11:29 AM
James I. Schempp from Long Island

On the BL Show this AM it was mentioned several times that Bill Clinton was convicted of perjury. When did this happen? As I recall, there was no indictment, no trial, no conviction. Fact check?

Sep. 28 2010 11:29 AM

Registered Democrat voting for Paladino. I'm not wild about him but AG Cuomo has 26 million in his campaign coffers with most of it be donated through blind LLCs. He has already been bought. The "public"s" agenda will not be part of his.

Sep. 28 2010 11:23 AM


Sep. 28 2010 11:20 AM
Jack from Queens

It is telling that supporters of Paladino think it is normal to pass around blatantly racist e-mails. There are certainly many people who pass these types of e-mails around, but anyone who does this should probably not be elected.

We need people in government who have the moral compass to be automatically disgusted at such e-mails, not to spread them further.

People see someone who is anti-establishment in a time when being anti-establishment is popular, and they overlook everything else.

But that's okay - bigotry is acceptable now. Just look at the "Ground Zero Mosque" debate.

Sep. 28 2010 11:19 AM
Facts from USA

Some Tests to Help You Separate Fact from Fiction
by Dr. Napoleon Hill

The accurate thinker scrutinizes everything he reads in books or newspapers, everything he hears and sees over radio and television. He never accepts any statement as fact merely because he has read it or has heard it spoken. And he knows that statements bearing some portion of facts are often intentionally or carelessly colored, modified and exaggerated to give them an erroneous meaning.

Therefore the accurate thinker has definite test which he applies to the statements of others. If he reads a book, for example, he tests its accuracy by these rules:
a. Is the writer a recognized authority on the subject covered?
b. Did the writer have a motive other than that of imparting accurate information when he wrote the book?
c. Is the writer a professional whose business is that of influencing public opinion?
d. Has the writer a profit interest in the subjects on which he writes?
e. Is the writer a person with sound judgment, and not a fanatic on the subject on which he writes?
f. Are there readily accessible sources from which the writer's statements may be checked and verified?
g. Do the writer's statements harmonize with common sense and experience?

Before the accurate thinker accepts the statements of others as facts, he tries to find the motive which prompted the statements, for he knows that no one ever does anything, and seldom says anything, without a definite motive. The accurate thinker examines with care all statements made by people who have obvious motives. He is equally careful about accepting the statements of over-zealous people who have the habit of allowing their imaginations to run wild.
Look over carefully the fellow who is trying to sell you his way of life and make sure his way is as good as your own.

Sometimes it is wiser to join forces with opponents than to fight them.

What a better world this would be if we worked together in harmony toward the achievement of our shared goals instead of engaging in petty disputes and turf battles. When you allow yourself to be dragged into personality conflicts, game playing, arguments about who gets the credit, and disagreements about trivial issues, they only drain your energy and sour your attitude. Plus you waste valuable time that could be spent on far more important matters. When you make an effort to understand others’ motivations, you may well discover that your opponents have far more in common with you than you think. When you cage your ego and look at the situation from the other person’s point of view, you can almost always find a way to work together for your mutual advantage and actually looking forward to going to work.

Sep. 27 2010 06:06 PM

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