96: Live Law San Quentin: Hope

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On Saturday, November 12, 2016  members of the San Quentin Wednesday Night Creative Writing Class presented the stories they have been writing, to fellow inmates and guests inside the prison’s education center. The event, the Eleventh Annual Public Reading, was sponsored by the William James Association’s Prison Arts Project. And so, down on the “yard” inside a double-wide modular bungalow, inmates stood before an audience of free and incarcerated to share their creative fiction, spoken word, and poetry.


Live Law San Quentin: Hope is a co-production of Life of the Law and San Quentin’s Creative Writing Program, Brothers In Pen. James Rowlands produced the live recording. Tony Gannon, Life of the Law’s Senior Producer designed and produced the episode. Our Post Production Editors are Kirsten Jusewicz-Haidle and Rachael Cain. Katie McMurran and Howard Gellman were our in-studio engineers.

Music was composed and performed by David Jassy and the San Quentin Prison Report.