Bloomberg Backs Cuomo

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Michael Bloomberg endorsed Andrew Cuomo for Governor today, saying "I know I'll have a partner in Albany."

Bloomberg dismissed Cuomo's Republican rival, Carl Paladino, whose candidacy is fueled by Tea Party activists, as a valid alternative. "Anger is not a governing strategy," he said.

The public is mad, frustrated, I understand that, you see that across the country. But what the public wants is progress. What they're frustrated about, what they're angry about, is the partisanship that has taken over the public progress from ocean to ocean from border to border.

Paladino has unleashed a barrage of harsh, personal attacks on Cuomo, who has struggled to find a way to respond.

The endorsement comes hours after a Quinnipiac poll shows only six points separates Cuomo, the Democratic Attorney General, from Paladino.

The poll shows Paladino is a six-point favorite among independent voters. There's also a significant gender gap. Cuomo leads by 20 points among likely women voters, while Paladino has a 3-point edge among men.

Bloomberg is an independent and has previously been a registered Republican and Democrat.

In response to a question, Cuomo said that in the past, he had voted for Bloomberg, the three-term mayor. A Cuomo campaign spokesman emailed afterward to say Cuomo misspoke.

Cuomo never endorsed Bloomberg, and, as Maggie Haberman digs up, Cuomo didn't vote in the 2001 or 2009 elections. That's because he has a home in Westchester.

In the the 2005 mayor's race, the Democratic candidate was Fernando Ferrer, whom Cuomo endorsed, and Bloomberg demolished.