30 Issues in 30 Days: The Schedule

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The Brian Lehrer Show and It's A Free Country bring you the fall election series 30 Issues in 30 Days.  Rather than just focus on the electoral horserace, we will explore one issue every day from tomorrow until election day - issues of relevance to the NY, NJ and CT elections and the national midterm congressional races.

This year, we are framing each issue as a true/false statement. These statements are conversation starters that we hope will lead to broader issues, valuable debate and useful information. You'll also see that each Thursday we are doing a segment called WONK WARS. For these, the conversation begins online in advance. We'll invite two policy thinkers to discuss the topic ahead of the on-air segment, and invite you to participate. Be sure to visit the WONK WARS pages now.

Below is our list of statements - some we came up with, others were suggested by you (those are the ones with a **). Each Friday we're reserving a slot for a listener-voted issue, so thanks for your input!

Tentative Schedule and Archive

Week of September 20th

• A Tax On The Wealthy Is A Tax on Small Business** [Listen]

• What’s Good For The GM Bailout Is Good For America [Listen]

• WONK WARS: Public Employees Have Too Many Benefits** [Listen]

• Money is the Root of Everything That's Wrong in Politics [Listen]

Week of September 27th

• Andrew Cuomo Helped Cause The Housing Bubble [Listen]

• Paladino’s Character Should Be A Dealbreaker for Voters** [Listen]

• The Obama Stimulus Worked As Planned [Listen]

• WONK WARS: The Tea Party Movement Is Good For America** [Listen]

• Obama Has A Republican Education Policy [Listen]

Week of October 4th

• The United States Has Too Many Immigrants** [Listen]

• The Republicans Drove the Economy Into A Ditch [Listen]

• Rational Redistricting Is Possible [Listen]

• WONK WARS: Earmarks Are A Good Thing [Listen]

• There's A Democratic and Republican Way to Fight in Afghanistan [Listen]

Week of October 11th

• There’s A Democratic and Republican Way To Be The State Comptroller [Listen]

• The Deficit Is The Ultimate Issue [Listen

• There's A Democratic and Republican Way To Balance The State Budget [Listen]

• WONK WARS: Government Should Enforce Net Neutrality** [Listen]

• Republicans Are Pandering to Religious Bigotry** [Listen]

Week of October 18th

• Obama Betrayed Political Independents** [Listen]

• ObamaCare Should Be Repealed: Start Over [Listen]

• There’s A Democratic and Republican Way To Be Attorney General [Listen]

• WONK WARS: Bank Reform Will Chase Jobs From New York [Listen]

• Social Security Is Easy To Fix** [Listen]

Week of October 25th

Climate Change Solutions Can't Wait** [Listen]

• Obama Has Betrayed His Base** [Listen]

• Frack Here Frack Now**

• WONK WARS: Marijuana Should Be Legal, Regulated and Taxed**

• 30 Issues Finale: Six Degrees of Cuomo and Paladino

**Listener suggested