30 Issues in 30 Days: Nominate an Issue

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The Brian Lehrer Show and It's a Free Country are about to launch their election series 30 Issues in 30 Days. Each day between now and the mid-term election, we'll be going beyond the horse race and talking about the issues that matter. What do you want to hear discussed? It can be national or local; related to Senate, Congress or other important races.

Callers into the Brian Lehrer Show have helped us start the list. T. Howard in Queens said it's time to focus on the real backbone of American economy: oil policy. Christopher in Armonk suggested linking school funding to income taxes instead of property taxes. Ruth in Westchester wants to talk about repealing the Second Amendment in the wake of Supreme Court rulings that have restricted local gun control measures. And small business owner Joseph in Massapequa had questions about how new tax rates and the health insurance overhaul could affect his bottom line. 

What do you want to know about this election season? Leave a comment below to nominate your issue and any other suggestions for the series here, and stay tuned!