United Nations General Assembly Opens Annual Meeting

It comes around once a year -- the week when New York really does become the center of the world and representatives from 192 countries convene at the United Nations.

This week is the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly and leaders from around the world are crowding into East Side hotels, getting ready to debate the world's problems.

Many will also attend a special summit on the UN's Millenium Development Goals that began Sunday. Ten years ago, the UN set specific goals to alleviate poverty by 2015. The UN Secretary General says, two thirds of the way there, the goals are within reach -- but the economic distress of recent years has resulted in major aid shortfalls, especially in Africa.

For activists and advocates, the presence of so many leaders looking at so many issues means a chance to turn heads and change minds. Protests against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began yesterday upon his arrival. And the UN's neighbors will see plenty more crowds behind blue barricades over the next few days.